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Approach to Partnerships

Hampton North is the premium US based
cyber security search firm.

We live and breathe by the mantra, “If we can’t fill it, we won’t take it”.

Reputation is everything to us, and we know the security industry talks, so we only take on searches if we have a certainty that we can run a successful campaign for you. We have built a business on our reputation, and if there’s a chance that you might have a negative experience, we won’t put our reputation on the line. 

What this means we require from you:

  • Commitment – Our currency is commitment, we need this to run a successful search or project
  • Access to all stakeholders
  • A formal intake call (60 minutes) 
  • 48 Hour Resume and Interview Feedback Loops 
  • Signed off comp structure that is ready to go based on the right candidate 

What you will get from us:

  • Agreed to SLA’s on time frames
  • Best in class data (long lists, short lists, competitor comp)
  • Access to our 30,000 database of security professionals
  • Pre qualified tech talent via our in-depth sourcing knowledge
  • Fully vetted profiles including expectations, other processes, timelines, other info 

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you
stay secure.